The L Group

LGroup LogoThe L Group excels at helping companies tackle today’s business challenges. With clear thinking and simple solutions, The L Group helps organizations and leaders succeed at every turn. The L Group’s team of seasoned advisors works with leaders to create positive changes that drive profitability.

From emerging companies to the Fortune 500, many organizations have experienced the positive impact of The L Group’s practical approach. Our advisors cut through the clutter and bring refreshing simplicity to complex problems. They use proven methods and hands-on expertise to deliver breakthrough results– fast.



Ziglar LogoPeople often ask us why Ziglar is so different from other performance enhancement or “training” companies. Beyond the more than 50 years of worldwide experience our founder, Zig Ziglar, brought to the thinking and design of our programs, we believe our programs are a dynamic blend of heart, inspiration and cutting-edge personal development technology.

Through years of development and refinement, Ziglar has evolved into a world renowned performance enhancement company serving myriad disciplines guided by the belief that you build better companies by building better people.

Some programs take a piece-meal approach to performance improvement. Here at Ziglar, we look at an organization as a whole and then work to incrementally improve all the working parts of that whole. The result is each person in an organization produces at a “True Performance” level that catapults the entire organization beyond its goals. Beginning at the individual level and improving performance from the inside out brings your business phenomenal results.