Building A Culture of Service

One of the goals of the Customer Centered Consulting Group is to help every client create a culture that values customer service, both to internal co-workers and external customers.

To create a positive culture of service, you must excel in the following four key areas:

  • Leadership
  • Processes
  • Systems
  • People
Very rarely do employees demonstrate customer service skills that exceed those delivered by their leaders. The leader in any organization sets the example in the way the treat both external customers and those who report to them.

Every organization is looking to get more out of their resources. To do this, you must have efficient processes that are built with the customer experience in mind.

Along with processes, integrated systems are a necessity. Computer systems must make it easy for your employees to serve the end customer. If they have to enter data in multiple places, your chance for errors increase and the customer may suffer the consequences.

Finally, every employee in a customer centered organization must be focused on the customer experience. Leaders set the pace and remove obstacles for their employees, but it is the front line team members who can make or break your company’s reputation.