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Our customer surveys help our clients compile, understand, and act upon their customers’ feedback to drive greater profitability and customer loyalty. Bottom line, the customer holds the keys to your future growth both directly through their buying power and indirectly through their influence as potential referral sources to new business. An investment in a customer survey will pay tremendous dividends to your business by identifying your competitive advantages and giving you a plan to deliver the products and services your customers want in ways that will motivate them to buy again and refer you to others.

Statistics show that it costs about 6 times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Do you know how your customers view your company, your competitors, and your products or services? Our customer surveys are designed to answer those key questions and give you customer feedback that you can use to enhance products and services, improve operational efficiency, and drive greater bottom line profitability. Our extensive experience conducting customer surveys allows us to design a survey customized to your business that will draw out customer perceptions and reveal actionable trend data. By collecting your customers’ feedback and then using it to enhance your product or service offerings, you can dramatically increase your customers’ loyalty while simultaneously improving overall profitability.

Key Benefits of a Customer Survey

  • Identifies your company’s primary strengths and opportunities for improvement by collecting feedback from your customers who hold the true keys to your future growth.
  • Demonstrates a commitment by your company to identify and address areas needing improvement in your product / service offerings which increases customer loyalty.
  • Increases profitability by giving your company the critical information you need to focus on those aspects of your offerings that customers truly value and eliminate issues that drive customer dissatisfaction and additional expense to the business.
  • Gives your company a clear view of the most critical value components of your products or services which often represent your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Survey Methods

We conduct customer surveys by using a customized web survey tool, contacting key customers by phone, or using a combination of both methods. Leveraging years of experience leading customer survey initiatives, we draft survey questions in a manner that maximizes customer feedback on critical components of your business while enhancing the customers’ perception of your company.