Voice of the Employee

Employee Engagement Surveys

Our employee surveys help our clients compile and act upon their employees’ feedback to drive greater profitability, improve efficiency, and maximize retention of solid employees. Because the work of your employees drives the success of your company, it is critical to get their input on ways to improve the business for customers, owners, and employees. An investment in an employee survey will pay tremendous dividends to your business by identifying your company’s strengths and growth areas and giving you a plan to maximize your success. Gathering your employees’ feedback recognizes their daily contributions to the company and motivates them to further excel.
Employees are your company’s most important resource. Outstanding employees are invaluable while employee turnover is extremely costly. In fact, statistics show that it costs between 1 ½ and 4 times an employee’s annual salary to replace that employee if he or she leaves. Involving employees by purposefully tapping into their knowledge of your business is an excellent way to retain great talent. Have you recently collected your employees’ feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your business and their ideas to improve operational efficiency and profitability? We offer employee surveys that are customized to your business and designed to maximize the key feedback received from employees. Many clients have used the feedback and ideas collected by our employee surveys to drive fundamental enhancements to their businesses which both expanded their company’s success and boosted employee morale and loyalty.

Key Benefits of an Employee Survey

Gathers feedback from your employees on the strengths and opportunities for improvement in your company and compiles recommendations on how to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the future.

Maximizes employee retention by demonstrating a commitment by your organization to identify and address areas needing improvement and valuing their contributions by asking for their ideas to grow the business to the next level.

Increases profitability by giving your company the critical information you need to streamline processes, reduce expenses, boost revenue and enhance workforce and company effectiveness.

Gives your company a clear view of those benefits and qualities most valued by your employees.

Survey Methods

We conduct employee surveys by using a customized web survey tool that facilitates rapid collection of critical employee feedback. Leveraging years of experience in executive management and consulting, we draft survey questions in a manner that maximizes employee feedback on all aspects of your business, gathers new ideas to boost performance, and enhances morale.