Assuring Customer Stability During a Merger or Acquisition

Without customers most businesses would cease to exist. Ensuring the stability of your customers must be a key consideration for any organization going through a merger or acquisition.


Merger & Acquisition

It is during these times that a customer is most vulnerable as the vast majority of energy is focused inward and your competitors are circling in an attempt to steal your customers.

Customer Centered Consulting Group has a service to help you prepare for and navigate through the aspects of a merger or acquisition where the customer is involved. It is called the “Customer Stability Gameday.” Although the workshop will be customized to meet the needs of every customer, a session will normally include the following activities:

  • Customer Risk Assessment (Rating exercise)
  • Customer Communication Message Design
  • Customer Communication Delivery Strategy
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Review
  • Sales & Account Management Team Review
  • Customer Account Assignments
  • Customer Service Training Program Review
  • Customer Survey Consolidation
  • Systems Integration Planning (Customer records)
  • Product & Pricing Review (Identify overlap between companies)
  • Customer Issue Tracking Process Review
  • Sales Commission Transition Planning
  • Customer Receivables Transition Planning

Working through the customer-related issues that are part of a merger or acquisition can be a project in itself. It is critical that the customers feel as comfortable as possible during the transition, and that the sales team is united as systems, processes, and data are reconciled between the two organizations.