Monday Morning Customer Service

It is always easier to learn from the experiences of others than to have to live through everything on your own. Monday Morning Customer Service allows you to do just that! This easy read book follows Brett, a newly appointed director of Guest Services, as he meets with his mentor, Sam, for eight Monday mornings.

During these sessions Sam shares valuable lessons on topics from accountability to guest recovery. They discuss the difference of On Stage vs. Backstage and talk about scouting the competition. Brett begins this new chapter in his career armed with easy to implement ideas to transform his organization into one that is customer focused and successful.

A Culture of Service

In a day when your great product or service ideas can be duplicated by an organization across the street or halfway around the world, the level of service provided by every member of your team is critical. It is much more time consuming for your competitor to copy a positive culture of customer service than it is to duplicate a product or service.

A Culture of Service will help guide any organization through the process of creating a culture where serving others, both internally and externally, will become a natural way of doing business.

Service Where it Counts:

Making a Difference on the Front Line

“Where the rubber meets the road” or “The buck stops here” are phrases that come to mind when you think of front-line employees and customer service. The company’s reputation in the marketplace is formed by how that customer is treated by the front-line.

This book is dedicated to all workers who provide services, respond to difficult customers, and deliver on all the plans made in nearly every corporation or nonprofit organization. You make up the largest segment of the work force and may often feel unappreciated or overlooked.

The purpose of this book is to give you a true understanding of how personally embracing these service ideas can make your organization successful while also changing the way you view your job, which can help you reach your career goals.

Business Meets the Bible

Customer Service: Applying Time-Tested Concepts to Your Place of Work … In the last 10-15 years there has been a lot of talk about customer service. Although most organizations still struggle in this area, those that have emerged as leaders in their industry understand the importance of customer service. One of the first books to address the topic of service was the Bible.

In this easy to read story about the career and spiritual journeys of a young man, Jim discovers through the mentoring of a family friend, that his faith is not something just for his visits to church. He learns that the Bible contains more than just nice stories, but has practical instruction on how to treat others, including his customers.

By applying biblical truths of leadership and customer service, Jim is able to save the company he inherited and improve his family life at the same time.

In Business Meets the Bible: Customer Service, David Reed provides a creative and refreshing approach to business and leadership. Through the transformation of the fictional lead character, Reed reminds us that God’s way works and the practical and time-tested principles of His Word can make a difference in any business. I recommend it.

Dr. H. Edwin Young

Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston TX