Operational Assessment

Almost all organizations develop a way of doing business that is passed down year after year from senior employees to the newest team members.

We become so comfortable in our work that we do not retain the ability to look at our own work habits with a critical eye.

The primary benefits of an operational assessment performed by CCCG are:

  • It will provide a major source of data to be used in an annual planning process.
  • It helps any organization` quickly identify opportunities for improvement.
  • It helps refocus your organization on the essentials, eliminating waste and improving overall efficiency.
During an assessment exercise, we work with your leadership and staff to evaluate practices, policies, and procedures in the following areas:
  • $Customer Service
  • $Human Resource Practices
  • $Roles & Responsibilities
  • $Operational Efficiency
  • $Use of Technology Leadership
  • $Internal Communication
  • $Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • $Training & Development
Each assessment is customized to meet the specific needs and budget of our client organizations. Our process has been continuously improved over the past decade and may include any of the following data collection activities:
  • $Employee satisfaction surveys
  • $Customer surveys & interviews
  • $Observing meetings and regular work processes
  • $Where appropriate, spend time as a “mystery guest” to sample services
  • $Review current organizational structure with a focus on roles & responsibilities
  • $Review the use of current computer systems
  • $Interviews with key leadership and a sampling of front-line staff

The end deliverable is an easy to understand recommendations report. This report will affirm your strengths and point out opportunities for improvement. The recommendations will be prioritized based on impact and effort.