Service Where it Counts:
Making a Difference on the Front Line

“Where the rubber meets the road” or “The buck stops here” are phrases that come to mind when you think of front-line employees and customer service.

The company’s reputation in the marketplace is formed by how that customer is treated by the front-line.

This half day course is designed for all workers who provide services, respond to difficult customers, and deliver on all the plans made in nearly every corporation or nonprofit organization. You make up the largest segment of the work force and may often feel unappreciated or overlooked.

The purpose of this course is to give you a true understanding of how personally embracing these service ideas can make your organization successful while also changing the way you view your job, which can help you reach your career goals.

The agenda for the course mirrors the chapters in the book.

  • EServe Your Fellow Team Members
  • EWhen No One is Watching
  • ELeave it at the Door!
  • EService Recovery
  • EA Sense of Urgency
  • EEngage the Customer
  • ERemember Your Grandma
  • EHandling Difficult Customers
  • EBe Part of a Wining Team
  • EFocus on the Inner Circles
  • EGet Organized!
  • EPick Your Battles Wisely
  • EBecome a Difference Maker
  • EAction Planning / Wrap Up