Customer Care Officer (CCO)

Many companies have finally come to realize that creating a culture that truly values the customer is key to their success. The challenge they face is every member of a traditional executive team has a full plate focusing on Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR, or another aspect of running a company.

Even though every leader has the intention of creating a good customer experience, it is not their priority. A “Customer Care Officer” is a member of the executive team who has the entire focus on working with every department to improve the overall level of customer service.

When an organization does not have the budget to hire a full time Customer Care Officer, CCCG can jump in to fill that need in a part time capacity, coordinating or assisting in areas such as:

  • Customer Feedback Program
  • Process Review
  • Customer Service Training
  • Organizational Structure Review
  • Call Center Operations
  • Employee Feedback Programs
  • Team Building
  • Product Feedback Process