Find Your Passion!

Have you ever come across someone who obviously loves what he or she does? I had that experience a few weeks ago. I was in Lake Havasu, Arizona with a client, and we decided to go to dinner at a popular local steak house. The restaurant is called Shugrue’s, and it is located by the historic London Bridge. My client, Matt, had been to the restaurant many times and was greeted by the manager. Matt asked if “Tino” had an available table.

“Tino,” actually Vel Tino, is a waiter at the restaurant. He has been at Shugrue’s for six years, and I have had the privilege of being served by Tino on several occasions. You can tell from the moment Tino arrives at your table that he loves what he does. He has a great smile and a very engaging personality. Tino took the time to meet everyone at our table and gave great descriptions of the specials and other menu items.

Tino checked back with us to make sure everything was to our liking. He finished the evening by cooking banana’s foster tableside. (He put on such a show that several other tables around us placed their order for the same dessert.)

I was so impressed that I wanted to find out more about Tino. He has been in the hospitality industry for 18 years and truly understands the importance of providing world class service. The food was great, and so was the atmosphere, but what made the evening was the service provided by Tino. It is easy to provide great service when you love what you are doing.

Life is Short!

How many years have you spent working for a company or in a role that was unfulfilling? One thing I have realized over the past few years is how fast the years go by. (This hits home when you cross that mark of being statistically past the half way mark of your time on earth!)

I am not suggesting that every day will be a party. Most jobs will have up and down cycles when you really enjoy what you are doing and then the next month you are looking for any way out. What I am saying is that you should look for ways to make the best out of every situation. Following are a few ideas that may help you start enjoying your work a little more.

  • Focus on relationships: Most businesses have a product or service that they are selling. The temptation is to concentrate on only the financial side of the business and overlook the people aspect of your work. Don’t get me wrong: returning a profit or being a good steward of your resources is critical for long term success, but it is not the total picture. Remember that your customers and co-workers are people with their own issues and needs.
  • Serve others: Remember that the highest calling is to serve others. This could be a person who reports to you in the organization, a client, or a team member with whom you share responsibility for accomplishing a task. Life is not all about you!
  • Have fun! Search for the positive aspects of your job. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Do your best with the abilities you have been given, but work is not the ultimate reason why we are here on this earth.
  • Manage your time wisely: A large portion of the stress associated with work comes when we get behind on our projects and have to work extended hours to meet a deadline. Get a jump on your assignments and allow for the unexpected.

There are estimates that almost 50% of the employed workforce is unhappy in their current job. Even if you have a job that is not exciting or challenging, do your best to enjoy each day! If you have the chance to find a job that aligns with your passion in life, go for it!

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